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“Because Of Sport”

“Because of Sport”

To mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6th April, Sport in Action is launching the “Because of sport” campaign to highlight the impact of sport on the development of participants and leaders across our programmes.

To start our campaign, we caught up with Monica, Hub Site Coordinator at the new Kaunda Square Netball Hub which has been developed in partnership with the Netball Association of Zambia.

“Because of sport, I am confident, determined and interactive; I am a coach, a friend, a sister, a mother and a councilor.”

“I have a passion for sport and have been doing netball for 4 years. I started coaching netball through my school because of a passion to change the world by helping children to do something they thought they could not. I like the sense of belonging that sport gives people and it sharpens my mind to be decisive.

Away from the netball court, sport has helped me to dream big, face my fears and believe in myself. It has given me confidence and determination as well as developing my self-esteem and communication skills.

I would like to work in sports administration in the future because of knowledge, understanding and experience I have gained through coaching.”