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Cavendish university in partnership with the foundation for youth basketball promotion league presented five outstanding basketball athletes with full academic scholarships for the entirety of their respective programs.

Madalena Chomba and Precious Banda from Sport in Actions Fountain of Hope girls basketball developmental site were among the five which were awarded with the scholarships.

Executive Director of Cavendish University, Reginald Rainey, emphasized the importance of marrying academics with sports,

“we want to get involved more into sports because academic institutions shouldn’t just be about studying but also to cultivate young people to reach their fullest potential both in academics and sports” he said.

Precious Banda, shared her gratitude and excitement stating that she did not expect to be awarded and that it came as a pleasant surprise. She further encouraged fellow atheletes to continue participating in sports activities because of the various opportunities they provide.

One of the Guardians to the recipients, Ms Eva Nalungwe expressed relief saying that the scholarships are a huge relief to them because they had no means of paying for the children’s costly tertiary fees.

“We are grateful to Cavendish University for blessing us with these scholarships, they have really taken a huge finical challenge of off our shoulders” She said.

Sport in Action congratulates Precious Banda and Mandalena Chomba together with all the atheletes awarded for their well deserved scholarships.

We remain committed to using sport as a tool for social change through various sports activities.