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Fountain of Hope Girls Ablution Block Renovations


Fountain of Hope girls ablution block has had an overdue and necessary makeover thanks to the support of The Perfect Day Foundation.

Renovation of the ablution block at Fountain of Hope was completed late last year. It is the first major upgrade for girls that Fountain of Hope has had.

Gone are the old toilet seats and bad lighting systems at the girls block and dormitories which have all been replaced with modern fittings. The girl’s dormitory at Fountain of Hope was opened in 2017 to give accommodation to the girls and to make sure the girls are safe. There are currently 54 girls living in the dormitory.

Fountain of Hope Finance and Project Coordinator Alphanica Lungu is stoked with the upgrade: “It was an old-fashioned ablution block; it had no doors, and broken toilet seats, poor lighting system and low water pressure. It lacked ventilation and some essentials that an ablution block needs.

Now it’s beautiful and properly ventilated, improved lighting system, modern, functional and easy to clean, it’s great.”

The renovations began between August and September 2018, and were carried out by Sport in Action and Fountain of Hope with funding from Perfect Day Foundation. This renovation has helped girls to have their privacy, less infections and a clean environment with workable systems. Drums for storing water were also bought.

“It is wonderful to see this for Fountain of Hope, the toilets at the girl’s dormitories has uplifted hygiene standards,” student Esnart Phiri said.

For young girls sanitation is important for their healthy, safety and dignity. It provides a space to manage their menstrual hygiene to improve sanitation and keep girls in school so that they can be able to learn, decide, lead and thrive.

Article written by Fridah Chinkobele.