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“Because of sport, I can tackle challenges in the right way”

To mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6th April, Sport in Action has launched the “Because of sport” campaign to highlight the impact of sport on the development of participants and leaders across our programmes.

Our second interview is with Arnold Mooka, Site Coordinator at Zambezi Primary School in Livingstone. He plays and coaches volleyball, handball and PE.

“I have been playing sport for twelve years. My father is a full-time sportsman and encouraged  me to participate, especially in my free time away from studying. I started participating actively in sports when I was chosen to represent my school in volleyball and discus, which boosted my interest.

Sport enables me to live a healthy life, meet different kinds of people and learn their way of living, and share new life skills. It helps me to stay away from bad company; honestly I think I could have been involved in bad things if I wasn’t doing sports.

As well has helping me to stay on the right path, sport has helped me to tackle each and every challenge that comes along using the right means. It has made me not ever lose hope in life and find different kinds of solutions to the daily challenges I face. It has helped me live an active and healthy life and achieve different kinds of goals.

I would like to be one of the leaders in FIFA. Through my career, I will help others to understand the importance and benefits of sports and share my knowledge and experience.”