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“Because of sport, I am on the right path.”

To mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6th April, Sport in Action has launched the “Because of sport” campaign to highlight the impact of sport on the development of participants and leaders across our programmes.

Our next interview is with Katambi, Site Coordinator at the Kabwata playpark in Lusaka, which was officially opened in 2017.

“I have been playing basketball since 2007. I have always had a passion for sport and I got interested in basketball through watching my friends play.

Sport helps me to avoid negative influences and keeps me on the right path. It has helped me to be disciplined, have mental strength and to have a passion for something that helps to control oneself. I want to pass these things on to the children I coach in the Kabwata Tigers teams and the basketball hub. If I wasn’t coaching and playing basketball, I would probably be at home with my mother – but I feel lost if I’m not coaching.

Because of sport, I am a good person and I realise I have something I can do to help others.”