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“As We Commemorate International Women’s Day, Let’s Support Girls and Young Women’s Programs” SIA

Sport In Action (SIA) has joined our nation Zambia and the rest of the world in commemorating International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day is commemorated under the global theme “Think Equal, Build Smart, and Innovate for Change.”

As an organisation, we are excited about this year’s theme as it aligns very well with our innovative strategies of using sport as a tool for social change. For more than ten year’s now, we have successfully used sport to implement different programs targeting young people. The concept of sport has proved to be an effective way of achieving equality among our target group – Girls and Young Women, boys and young men. Using sport as a tool, boys and young men have been engaged to change the perception, behaviour and attitudes towards girls and young women in order to create equal opportunities in the communities.

The programs we have successfully implemented using the power of sport include those targeting Gender-Based Violence and Community HIV prevention-related activities which have girls and young women as primary beneficiaries. Other programs focus on advocacy for rights of girls and young women. It is for this reason that SIA will continue with innovative ways of using sport to engage the boys and young men in addressing the challenges that girls and young women face.

We urge individuals and stakeholders to support, through financial, material and other resources, programs and activities that focus on the girls and young women.

#Think Equal #Build Smart #Innovate for Change