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Youths Celebrated Through Sports Activities

Sport In Action, one of the leading sports NGO organizations in Zambia, recently conducted
Youth Day build-up activities in partnership with Special Olympics Zambia, and the Ministry of
Youth and Sports in Lusaka Province. The week-long planned activities were conducted in
various communities from 4th to March 8th, 2024.

The sports activities planned included football for girls and boys, basketball, netball, and Zambia
Traditional Games. Collectively, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Lusaka Province, Sport In
Action, and Special Olympics Zambia, offered a diverse selection of sports, aimed to engage as
many young people and encourage their active participation in physical activities, as part of their
Youth Day celebration.

Mwape Konsole, the Programs and Development Manager from Sport in Action, and Ms. Nacy
Kabaso, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Lusaka Province, Sports Development Officer,
coordinated the activities, which were held in four communities namely; Kabwata, Mtendere,
Munali, and Kuku.

Both officers expressed satisfaction with their partnership during the youth day build-up
activities. Further, Mr Mwape Konsolo stated, “We are glad to be part of the youth week
activities because these gave our young people from the targeted an opportunity to reflect on
the Youth Day theme; Zambia @ 60 #Be The change and also acquire vital life skills education
which came alongside the activities.”

As the nation continues to recognize and celebrate the importance of youths in the development
process, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Lusaka Province, Sport In Action, and Special
Olympics Zambia remain committed to providing opportunities for young people to excel in
sports and life. Through various programs and initiatives, we empower youth to pursue their
dreams and create a positive impact within their communities. Sport in Action believes that by
investing in the youth, Zambia can build a brighter and stronger future for all.