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Sport In Action Holds Commemorative Girls In Action Session for World Menstrual Day.

Girls In Action participants & leaders pose for Group photo.

On Friday, 31st May, 2023, Sport In Action (SIA) organized a special session through its all-girls forum, Girls In Action (GIA), to commemorate World Menstrual Day, which is celebrated on 28th May each year.

The purpose of the session was to empower young girls with essential knowledge on how to properly take care of themselves and maintain hygiene during their menstrual cycle. The event aimed to equip girls with the necessary skills and information to navigate this natural process confidently.

National hubsite coordinator, Monica Chidila, football national coordinator, Mary Tembo, and Netball development officer, Felistus Nseba, were present to support Chipata Hubsite Coordinator, Assaid. They also generously donated sanitary towels to the participants, emphasizing the importance of menstrual hygiene management.

L-R: Monica (NHC),Felistus (NDO),Mary (NFC) & Assaid (SC)

Girls In Action is a program dedicated to addressing issues relevant to girls, led and operated by girls themselves (#forthegirlsbythegirls). The platform serves as a safe space for girls to discuss and tackle challenges they face, promoting empowerment and solidarity among young women.

Through platforms like the session held in honor of World Menstrual Day, SIA through GIA continue to make a positive impact on girls’ lives, advocating for their well-being and fostering a supportive community for girls to thrive.