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Zone 2 Hosts nine-team Girl’s Football Tournament.

Football Association of Zambia along with Sport in Action partner together to develop Women’s Football, through the concept of Hub-Sites & Zonal Leagues.

Zone 2 which comprises key communities such as Mtendere, Kalingalinga, Kalikiliki boasts by far the highest engagement of female teams and participation.

Sport in Action Coordinator and Coach Ericho Nambo represents Zone 2 as the Secretary General. He has mentioned how the structure of Hubs is not only the foundation of the Zones, but also supporting the growth of talent in them.

“Developing the hubs along side the Zone here in Zone 2 has created huge participation and a great platform for girls football to thrive and be sustained”

He also eluded to opportunities that can be capitalized on for the remainder of 2023.

“We can definitely involve a lot of female leaders and coaches in the Workshops Sport in Action facilitate with partnership to Volunteer Zambia. This will really support the growth of female coaching and leadership in Women’s Football”

“We now need to support the development of Hubs in other Zones where Sport in Action has a presence through our National Women’s Football Coordinator, Mary Tembo. Doing this will create a similar effect and growth for the other zones also.”

The tournament was used to select players that will represent the zone 2 at provincial level.

Sport in Action remains stout in its commitment to develop football in Zambia, especially the female side of the game, developing and enhancing pathways.