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Volunteer Zambia Assistant Project Manager Meets National Hub-sites Coordinator And Development Officers.

The Volunteer Zambia Assistant Project Manager, Parie Patel, met with the Sport in Action National Hub-Site Coordinator and Sport Development Officers on May 14, 2023, to discuss the site’s goals and how to best match and place the volunteer students who are scheduled to arrive in the nation on June 4th according to their skill sets.

Ms. Patel, who will be supervising and mentoring the students, arrived in the nation on May 11th. She expressed excitement and a desire to see the advancements since her previous visit as a volunteer student in 2018.

She continued by stating that the Girls in Action initiative is her main passion.

“My biggest passion is the girls in action project, am happy to see that it’s being implemented in every Hub-sites… I am looking forward to working with Monica and everybody to see how we can develop it further.” She said.

And the National Hub-Site Coordinator, Monica Chidila said that she is looking forward to the coming of the UK student volunteers.

“The coming of the volunteers will be a plus for sport development because of the workshops that they will deliver.” She said.