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Hub-Sites Set To Enhance Livingstone Programmes

Livingstone is the tourist capital of Zambia, and is also a district in which Sport in Action has great presence.

Sport in Actions National Hub-Site Coordinator Monica Chidila, and Capacity Development Officer Stanley Mponje travelled south to meet District Coordinator Staffson Phiri to orient the Livingstone Office and team on the implementation of the highly successful hub-site model, alongside a review of the Girls in Action programme in Livingstone.

Day One of the trip saw the site-coordinators engage in some site mapping activities and general update of how things have been going since the start of the year. It was also coupled with a trip to Zambezi Radio where Sport in Action Sport Development Manager, Jack Preston spoke about the agenda for the visit and the current successes of the hub-sites through Sport in Action, in-line with the National Sports Federations, Netball Zambia, Zambian Basketball Federation and Football Association of Zambia.

Volunteer Zambia Project Manager, Parie Patel also highlighted the importance of the hub-sites in engaging young women and girls in sports.

“It is so important that young girls have the same opportunity to play as young boys. Sport in Action lives and breathes its mission of an Active, Healthy and Better living for ALL, and this includes young girls at the forefront”

Day two was the day of the Hub-Site orientation which was well attended, with the Chair of the Provincial Sport Advisory Chair Person in attendance also.

“The training was just ok, and I am confident that some hub-sites will emerge from this orientation” said National Hub-Site Coordinator, Monica.

The orientation included information on key areas such as implementation, sustainability, key pillars and how the hub-sites can improve other programming in the district, most notably the Girls in Action programme.

Girls in Action District Coordinator Gertrude really embraced the orientation and was highly supportive of the coming of the hub-sites.

“As for Girls in Action here in Livingstone, to begin this year, we set ourselves some really high target numbers, and so far we have not quite been able to meet them, however, being able to reach more young girls through hub-sites once we have them implemented, i’m sure our Girls in Action numbers will also flourish”.

Site Coordinator Rosemary, who oversees Dambwa in Livingstone also spoke highly of the training weekend.

“Being able to implement these hub-sites and especially in my community will really help us to reach out to more girls and boys, so we can deliver life-skills to them”.

Capacity Building Officer Stanley Mponje concluded the training weekend with a review of the Girls in Action programming in Livingstone and was encouraged by the conversations with the coordination team and the delivery team.

“Livingstone is a big district with a lot of potential, and we can definitely see improvement on the numbers involved in Girls in Action” mentioned Stanley.

Indicating that the great work already happening is just the beginning of what this great district is capable of.

“The hub-sites will bring great mobilisation, and as Girls in Action, we want to see the numbers in Livingstone exceed even 500 girls! Currently we operate in schools but being able to engage the wider community, we will for sure see things here grow”

Monica Chidila spoke highly of the trip and expects good things to come of it.

“I’m excited to see what may blossom from this orientation, however for me, it is in their hands now, and we will support them.”

Monica’s focus now turns to the end of this month where a trip to Kaputa via invitation from the Minister will take place through Netball Zambia, after he saw Netballs success in Zambia in recent years and has interest in the game developing in his district.

Another exciting prospect to see Sport in Action and its partners enhance the lives of young people in all corners of Zambia through the power of sport.