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On Monday, 11 December 2023, Sport In Action, through its enterprise programme, launched a Tailoring Skills Project at Fountain Of Hope center. The project aims to train and equip 11 young people for the start.

Jessica Kaluwe, the enterprise development officer, explained the importance of the the implementation of this project to the young people in our community. She said this project will empower the participants with a skill that can be used to sustain themselves forever.Because once they get this skill, no one can take it away from them.

One of the participants, Triza Chipeso, expressed her enthusiasm about the project, stating that she looks forward to learning this new skill. She mentioned that she decided to take up tailoring because it seems relatively easy to learn and offers promising benefits in the near future. Triza is especially interested in learning how to design dresses that she can sell for special occasions such as chilanga mulilo (Zambian kitchen Party) School Uniforms and traditional wedding attire.

Special thanks to Mr Ian Baggett for funding this Tailoring Skills Project. This project is in line with our community empowerment and sustainability program.