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Sport in Action Celebrates International Day of the African Child through FIFA Foundation Football Festival

Sport in Action celebrated the International Day of the African Child with a FIFA Foundation football festival, reaching over 230 children aged 12-16. The event aimed to empower children with essential knowledge on vital topics such as alcohol and substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, mental health, and gender-based violence among others.

The festival kicked off with life skills sessions led by qualified Sport in Action peer leaders. The sessions provided an informal education platform for the children to learn and engage on critical issues affecting their lives.

The event saw an impressive turnout, with 140 girls (67%) and 70 boys (33%) participating in the football festival. Sport in Action partnered with FIFA Foundation and the Norwegian International Paralympic Committee to make the event a success.

Through this initiative, Sport in Action demonstrated its commitment to promoting the well-being and development of African children through sports and education. The festival concluded with a football tournament, celebrating the joy and spirit of the beautiful game.