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What We Do

The programmes delivered by Sport in Action are designed to increase motivation and enhance self-development and self-reliance through social, cultural and economic empowerment. All of these areas of delivery are underpinned with education on HIV & AIDS, child rights, alcohol and substance abuse. The life skills learned through the workshops aim to empower young people in Zambia to use sport and recreation as an outreach tool for communication, prevention, peer education on HIV & AIDS and the promotion of healthy life styles.

Our programme centres around eight strategic areas of focus, which we look to deliver through a number of projects in partnership with a group of prominent international organisations.

Strategic areas of focus:

  1. Cultural Exchange Through Sport
  2. Sport for People living with HIV/Aids
  3. Child Empowerment Through Sport
  4. Facility Innovation and Development
  5. Girls In Action
  6. Sport for Children with Disabilities
  7. Traditional Games
  8. Youth Empowerment Through Sport


  1. Sport for Positive Life Styles
  2. Gender Based Violence Survivor Support (GBVSS)
  3. Community HIV Prevention Programme
  4. Football for Hope, FIFA
  5. Save the Children